To Our Neighbors

Safety and environmental protection have top priority. Regardless of sector and line of work, companies bear responsibility for their immediate neighborhood. They try to protect people and the environment from harm.

That’s why we want to take this opportunity to inform you about safety measures and the correct action to take in the event of a hazardous incident. Hazardous incidents are defined as industrial accidents in which certain materials are released that could pose a serious risk to people, the environment and material assets.

The ChemDelta Bavaria companies at Burghausen, Burgkirchen/Gendorf and Trostberg and their subsidiaries and joint-venture partners operate plants that are liable to the German Hazardous Incident Ordinance.

The Hazardous Incident Ordinance is the legal regulation for preventing and limiting the effects of hazardous incidents.

On their own initiative and in collaboration with regulatory authorities, these companies continually update their extensive safety provisions at operations and plants to state-of-the-art safety standards. That’s how they can successfully minimize risk for employees and neighbors.

However, the companies’ efforts to reduce risks require the general public to show understanding and adhere to the safety instructions. That’s why we use this space to provide information on the various sites and their main products, as well as the safety measures and instructions on how to act in the event of a hazardous incident.