How to react when you hear a gas-leak alarm or perceive gas when outdoors

If you hear of an incident at a plant or a transport accident involving chemicals in your neighborhood that could affect your surroundings, please observe the following guidelines and the emergency responders’ instructions.

Communication Channels

1 Observe the siren signal
The siren signal (1 minute wailing tone) signifies: „Turn on your two-way radio and listen for an announcement.”

2 Turn on the radio
Reports of an incident, what to do and the all-clear are announced by traffic and regional radio stations:


  • Radio Inn-Salzach-Welle: 92,3 MHz in AÖ with regional police announcements
  • Bayernwelle Südost: 101,5 MHz with regional police announcements
  • Bayern 1: 93,7 MHz
  • Bayern 3: 98,5 MHz
  • Antenne Bayern: 107,7 MHz


  • Ö3: 88,2 or 99,0 MHz

3 Listen to loudspeaker announcements
The police and fire departments also provide information on how to react via loudspeaker announcements.


Evacuation Instructions

• Keep calm
• Observe the emergency responders’ instructions
• Lock the building to prevent theft

How to react inside a building

Close windows and doors
Close windows and exterior doors on all floors (including basement) immediately so that gases are locked out and cannot easily penetrate into the living areas.

Turn off the heating, air conditioning and ovens,
so that no outside air is sucked in.

• Don´t create sparks and don´t light a naked flame
A potentially explosive gas cloud could be ignited by a match, a cigarette lighter or the spark of an activated light switch.

• Have wet cloths at hand
Irritation and impact on breathing can be lessened by wet cloths held over mouth and nose.

Go to higher floors
Gases often spread on the ground, so higher-up rooms give better protection.

Don´t hog the phone line
Only call the police, fire department or other services in an emergency. The phone lines are needed for emergency aid and rescue purposes.

How to react when outdoor

• Stop and abandon car
Drive the car to the right roadside, turn off the engine and abandon vehicle. Then ...

• Look for a closed building
Immediately look for a closed building for protection.

Immediately call the children into the house,
so that they can be supervised and don´t act incorrectly out of ignorance.

Put up passers-by
Help senior citizens and disabled people.
Allow pedestrians who won´t reach their own home in safety into the house.

Important Phone Numbers

In the case of unusual sensations (e.g. odors or smoke) you can get additional information by telephone.

These phones are manned 24/7:

Borealis Polymere GmbH
Environmental Hotline: +49 8677 977-444

Haiminger Straße 1
D-84489 Burghausen

Environmental Hotline: +49 8621 86-2333

Dr.-Albert-Frank-Straße 32
D-83308 Trostberg

Industriepark Werk GENDORF
Neighborhood Hotline: +49 8679 7-6111

D-84504 Burgkirchen

OMV Deutschland GmbH
Neighborhood Hotline: +49 8677 960-0

Haiminger Straße 1
D-84489 Burghausen

Wacker Chemie AG, Burghausen plant
Neighborhood Hotline: +49 8677 83-6111

Johannes-Hess-Straße 24
D-84489 Burghausen