Today within the ChemDelta Bavaria – the imaginary triangle formed by Aschau, Burghausen, Burgkirchen/GENDORF, Tittmoning, Töging, Trostberg and Waldkraiburg – thousands of different chemical products are manufactured.

We’ll briefly introduce the individual sites on the following pages.


The city of Burghausen (population: approx. 20,000), with its modern infrastructure and headquarters of large chemical-companies, is one of the most successful centers of economy and innovation. Burghausen’s network of proficient trades, service providers and industrial operations further adds to the city’s attractiveness.

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Burgkirchen / GENDORF

The town of Burgkirchen on the Alz lies in the district of Altötting. It consists of the subdistricts of GENDORF, Holzen, Hirten on the Alz, Dorfen and Grasset. It has over 10,000 inhabitants and covers an area of 4,600 hectares. Local companies and operations provide almost 5,000 jobs.

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Hart (Unterneukirchen)

The 2,900-strong municipality of Unterneukirchen lies in the district of Altötting and consists of Unterneukirchen itself and the Hart site. The history of Hart as a chemical site began in 1915 with the construction of a carbide factory and the Hirten hydroelectric plant in the community of Unterneukirchen.

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Schalchen (Tacherting)

The Schalchen site is located in the municipality of Tacherting in the district of Traunstein, Upper Bavaria. With some 5,600 inhabitants, Tacherting is the ninth-largest town in the district of Traunstein. The municipality of Tacherting consists of Tacherting itself, Wajon, Emertsham, Peterskirchen, Reit, Schalchen, Neuschalchen, Degernfeld and almost 100 smaller hamlets. The Schalchen site borders an agricultural area to the east and an industrial zone and the village of Lengloh to the south.

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The town of Tittmoning is located in the district of Traunstein on the western high banks of the river Salzach. The center line of the river forms today’s border with Austria. Tittmoning offers service providers, commercial companies and supply centers. With currently 6,000 inhabitants, Tittmoning is a modern town with outstanding leisure facilities and a rich history in an idyllic setting.

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Töging on the Inn is a town in the district of Altötting, Upper Bavaria. The town has 9,400 inhabitants and an area of 1,400 hectares. Industrialization began in 1917 with the construction of the Inn power plant and the aluminum factory.

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Trostberg in northern Chiemgau is an idyllic town of some 11,500 inhabitants, nestled in the Alz valley . Today, Trostberg couples tradition with modernity with its three districts Heiligkreuz, Lindach and Oberfeldkirchen. Commerce and crafts, particularly textile manufacturing, made Trostberg wealthy in the 17th and 18th centuries. Today, secure jobs are provided by internationally active chemical companies and quite some commercial operations and craft businesses.

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With its 24,000 inhabitants, Waldkraiburg is the largest city in the district of Mühldorf on the Inn. The arms industry operated a gunpowder factory there from 1939 to 1945. After 1946, the factory grounds were settled by refugees and expellees from Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. In 1950, the industrial settlement became an independent community called Waldkraiburg. Growth in the years to follow was so rapid that the town was appointed a city by 1960.

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