Products and their Streams

The product range of the companies based in the ChemDelta Bavaria covers a vast variety of chemicals for producing useful everyday requisites. The region’s companies originally focused on the production of bulk goods. Today, they primarily offer specialty products.

Numerous pipelines – the safest and most environmentally friendly means of transport – not only supply the production sites and companies with products, energy and raw materials, but also form a network. In this way, the region’s energy and resources are optimally utilized – economically and effectively throughout the entire supply chain.

Product Application example
Cast aluminum alloys Engine and gearbox casings in automotive and aerospace
Construction chemical systems Systems e. g. for bathroom renovation, thermal insulation, floor screed, renders and plasters
Calcium carbide Manufature of calcium cyanamide (fertilizer)
Dispersible polymer powder Additives for applications in construction, tile adhesives and self-levelling flooring solutions
Double-base and composite solid propellants Rocket fuel
Fertilizers e. g. calcium cyanamide
Ethylene and propylene Plastics
Solid-propellant rocket engines  
Fluorelastomers Gaskets
Basic chemicals and organics  
Corrosion protection  
Air-augmented solid-fuel ramjets  
Metallurgical products  
Mineral oil products Jet-enginge fuels, extra-light heating oil, diesel, benzene, petroleum coke
Nitrocellulose Rocket fuel
Organic specialty chemicals,
e. g. surfactants
Plant protection agents  
Polyethylene and polypropylene granules Plastic packaging
Polymer dispersions Further processing to adhesives, construction adhesives, plasters, as well as interior and exterior wall paint
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Window frame profiles, piping, flooring
Rigid PVC film  
Hyper pure silicon Computer chips, solar cells
Silicones, silanes and silicas Paints
Specialty chemicals  
Specialty alloys  
Propellant powders and charge systems  
Aqueous dispersions  
Additives Additives for plastics, rubber grades and adhesives