Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH, GENDORF Site

Clariant is a global leader in specialty chemicals field with high customer orientation and innovative products. It is represented on five continents and employs roughly 17,900 people. The headquarters is in Muttenz near Basel, Switzerland.

The Chemical Park GENDORF in Bavaria’s chemical triangle is home to the second largest Clariant facility. The site employs approx. 700 people. The focus of production at Gendorf is on chemical pre and intermediate products that are refined further within the internal network and sold to industrial customers.

The products from Gendorf primarily include primary and intermediate materials for the production of detergents, fabric softeners, industrial and household cleaners, for cosmetics, body care and disinfectants, for aircraft de-icing agents, thermal transfer and brake fluids, and for petro-chemical production and processing. The most important raw materials for these products are ethylene from crude oil, fatty acids and fatty alcohols, both obtained primarily from renewable resources.

In Gendorf, Clariant operates a research & development department, a technical center for process development, and a department for quality assurance and analytics. The focus of research & development activities is to develop new market-ready products quickly, and to bring these to production-ready status.