BASF in Trostberg

Trostberg, the birthplace of construction chemistry, today is a multi-sector site of the world’s leading chemical company, BASF. Two BASF Group companies, BASF Construction Solutions GmbH and BASF Construction Additives GmbH, are represented at the site, jointly employing some 460 people locally.

BASF Construction Solutions GmbH

A BASF Group company, BASF Construction Solutions GmbH employs some 110 people at the Trostberg site, with another 140 employees working at BASF’s Mannheim and Staßfurt (Saxony-Anhalt) sites.

While the Trostberg site pools the Construction Chemicals division’s global research and development activities, Staßfurt is a production center for pre-formulated concrete admixtures, concrete-admixture raw materials, cement additives, underground-construction solutions, waterproofing systems, concrete-protection and repair solutions, precision grouts, and performance floorings.

In addition, BCSG employees also perform tasks along the Construction Chemicals division’s innovation chain, such as managing the division’s portfolio of patents, and carry out managerial functions for BASF’s Mannheim-based Construction Chemicals Europe business unit.

BASF Construction Additives GmbH

BASF Construction Additives GmbH is a BASF Group company headquartered in Trostberg. Its 350 employees manufacture more than 220 different products for improving the workability and extending the durability of construction materials.

These include additives for leveling compounds, plasters and mortars, as well as products for use in oil and gas exploration, with a focus on drilling fluids and deep-drilling cementation.

The research and development center at the Trostberg site

Part of BASF’s Research Verbund, the specialists and scientists at the Trostberg research and development center conduct basic research and develop products in the construction chemicals, oilfield chemicals and underground-construction and mining chemicals segments.

The Beginnings of Construction Chemicals

Trostberg has been a chemical-industry site for more than 100 years now. In 1908, the hydropower of the Alz river, the sole outlet of the Chiemsee lake, was the main factor in Bayerische Stickstoff-Werke AG’s decision to build their energy-intensive calcium carbide and calcium cyanamide production facilities here. A merger with Bayerische Kraftwerke AG and Donauwerke AG in 1939 resulted in the creation of Süddeutsche Kalkstickstoffwerke AG (SKW Trostberg AG), which can be considered the founder of modern construction chemistry: In the 1960s, researchers at SKW in Trostberg developed the original concrete admixture, Melment, and thereby initiated the success story of that field of chemistry that deals with the improvement of construction materials. And SKW Trostberg AG, which later merged with Degussa-Hüls to form ‘new Degussa’, continued to play a major part in this success story. Since July 2006, Construction Chemicals is part of BASF, the world’s leading chemical company, where it forms a separate corporatedivision.