Archroma Germany GmbH

Archroma is a globally active company in the dyes and specialty chemicals field, with a clear commitment to innovation, superior quality standards, excellent service, cost-efficiency and sustainability. The company has its headquarters in Reinach near Basel (Switzerland) and employs approx. 3,000 people in more than 35 countries. Based on three core businesses – Brand & Performance Textile Specialities, Paper & Packaging Specialities and Coatings, Adhesives & Sealants – Archroma supplies service and dye solutions tailored to the customer’s needs in their local markets. By developing technologies that improve the visual appeal and performance capabilities of everyday products, Archroma helps to promote people’s desire for a more emotional and sensory product experience. More product, more color, more performance, more life – “life enhanced”.

At the Chemical Park Gendorf, about 70 highly qualified Archroma Germany GmbH employees and three apprentices manufacture special products in the fluorotelomer field. The raw material tetrafluoroethylene, which the industrial-estate company Dyneon supplies to Archroma in Gendorf, is used to produce bespoke polyacrylates and polyurethanes for applications such as textiles, paper and leather.

Products and properties
For example, the NUVA® and Cartaguard® product lines make textiles waterproof and dirt-resistant – ideal properties for carpets, sofa covers or materials for functional sportswear: water drips off, and grease or dirt doesn’t stick. The only currently available technology that enables this efficient repellency is based on fluorotelomers.
In the paper industry, application of fluorotelomer products made in Gendorf is beneficial to wallpaper with dirt-resistant properties or greaseproof packaging of foodstuffs and animal feed, for instance.
With regard to technical textiles, fluorotelomers produced by Archroma in Gendorf ensure the effectiveness of clean-room filters and sound-absorbing properties of mats in car engine compartments.
Fluorotelomer products are also used in extinguishing agents: fluorinated foam concentrates in extinguishing systems ensure that flames can be fought quickly and effectively in emergencies.
Archroma products from Gendorf are also used in top-level skiing as waxes for optimum ski coatings that can shave off those crucial fractions of a second to ensure a winning finish in races.

Overall, from around 120 raw materials, Archroma makes a wide range of high-quality fluorotelomer products in Gendorf that are distributed to customers worldwide via the central warehouse at Chemical Park Gendorf.

Research in Gendorf
Archroma has its own research facility in Gendorf, where 15 employees conduct research into the development of innovative new fluorotelomer products and the continuous improvement of existing products. Research-scale systems are also available for the development of optimum procedures and production processes. Gendorf is unique in the global network of the Archroma Group as a combined production and research location.