To maintain and further expand on the ChemDelta Bavaria region’s competitive position, it is vital…

  • ... to expand the network of roads, particularly state roads. Construction of the A94 highway is key for an appropriate westbound connection.

  • ... to develop the railway infrastructure to Munich into a two-track, electrified route.  This is the only way that future transport quantities can be shipped without posing a nuisance to neighbors.

  • ... to ensure that not only planning, but also primarily financing of infrastructure projects is carried out at an early stage. This is the only way to ensure projects are completed on schedule. This task is the responsibility of appropriate technical authorities together with the various state and federal ministries.

  • ... that the region has sufficient energy supplies at appropriate prices. This is the only way existing production facilities and potential new arrivals can remain competitive internationally.

  • ... to create, in the light of the great density of highly qualified jobs, a top-notch scientific facility for the region – by exploiting synergies between business and science (e.g. internships, topics for scientific work, etc.).