ChemDelta Bavaria - Name and Claim

The "ChemDelta Bavaria" Name

The name ChemDelta Bavaria was chosen to enhance the initiative’s recognition in the face of international competition for resources, investments and customers.

  • "ChemDelta Bavaria" can be translated as "Bavarian Chemical Triangle.” The industrial potential and importance of the “Bavarian Chemical Triangle” have made it a household word locally for many years now. It stands for the imaginary triangle connecting the chemical sites in Aschau, Burghausen, Burgkirchen/GENDORF, Tittmoning, Töging, Trostberg and Waldkraiburg. Thus, it is immediately associated with the well-recognized name.
  • “Delta” is in the field of science also the symbol for change – the positive change in the region that ChemDelta Bavaria member companies intend to effect via the joint initiative in the face of global competition.

The Claim: Key to the World´s Chemical Industry

The claim, i.e. the initiative’s guiding principle, serves as a unique selling point, as a way of differentiating ourselves from competitors and competing regions and their regional initiatives.

The claim can be viewed and interpreted from three different vantage points.

  • "Key to global chemical markets": Due to its location, ChemDelta Bavaria represents a unique springboard for the development of international sales markets – via Southern Europe and the high-growth states of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as via the Ethylene Pipeline South, which is currently under construction. The latter is considered a key platform for the continued expansion of a trans-European pipeline network to tap global markets.
  • "Crucial for the global chemical industry": Due to its product streams, integrated production and its potentials and the effects of prior investment, the ChemDelta Bavaria region offers ideal development and growth opportunities – not least for globally active companies without a presence in Europe whose product portfolio would be supplemented by existing product streams.
  • "Key to the global chemical industry": Many ChemDelta Bavaria members are already active internationally. Their employees therefore have the chance of promising careers and a platform for personal development within the global chemical industry. There are promising international opportunities available to high school graduates, university students and graduates as well as experienced professionals.