ChemDelta Bavaria - Mission Statement and Guiding Principles

Despite their different interests, the individual member companies act together in and for the region on the basis of the mission statement, as the initiative’s vision, and the guiding principles serve as a roadmap towards the goal.

Mission Statement

ChemDelta Bavaria is a chemical industry hub at the heart of Europe, and the gateway to the global markets of Southern, Central and Eastern Europe.

By pooling our interests, we are systematically expanding our international competitiveness and thereby shaping our future through

  • a first-class infrastructure,
  • new partners, as well as
  • an outstandingly trained and highly motivated workforce.

Guiding Principles

What determines our actions?

  • Our actions are based on the common interests of the companies located in the Bavarian Chemical Triangle.
  • Our work is determined by the representation of those interests at political and state levels and within the public sphere.
  • Our deeds are guided by decision-makers of regional companies.

What do we do?

  • We pool our strengths and pursue our common interests.
  • We actively participate in the public political discourse.
  • We promote the expansion of surrounding infrastructure.
  • We see to the expansion of our sites and the establishment of new corporate sites.
  • We take care of the sustainable recruitment of young employees.
  • We ensure that we are accepted in the region and viewed positively over the long-term.

How do we act?

  • We act with foresight and focus on the corporate interests.
  • We provide an objective account of facts.
  • We remain in dialog with our target groups.