ChemDelta Bavaria Goals

ChemDelta Bavaria’s overarching aim is to secure and improve the economic region’s competitiveness – in harmony with the people and environment of South-East Bavaria.

Here is a summary of individual goals:

  • Boost our recognition at regional, transregional and EU-wide levels
  • Enhancement of acceptance in the region
  • Better cooperation between the regional companies
  • Development and modernization of infrastructure
  • Expansion of sites and acquisition of new companies
  • Sustainable and efficient recruitment of young talent

Boosting our regional, transregional and EU-wide recognition

In terms of competition for resources, investments and customers, it is crucial that the appropriate decision-makers know who we are. Decisions are made at different levels – whether regional, state or federal – both within Germany and throughout the entire European Union.  ChemDelta Bavaria intends to use these various instruments to boost its recognition among these groups.

Improved acceptance in the region

The local people are of vital importance: no new facilities can be constructed or approved without their support. Their help is key in training sufficient numbers of young talent to secure our facilities’ operations.  Collaboration is essential if the region is to continue its growth and enjoy the advantages of joint partnerships.

Better cooperation between the regional companies

Once identified, joint goals can be reached more quickly and efficiently by combining forces. To achieve this, member companies have already formed various intercompany working groups, which regularly agree on activities. However, all those involved can reach their goals more quickly through mutual assistance – based on exchange of ideas and grown relationships.

Development and modernization of infrastructure

Road and rail transport connections between the region and its surroundings have not kept pace with its booming industrial development. Aside from development of the rail network, it is vital to improve autobahn and state highway access – particularly in light of the significant production expansions set to be completed in the last years. This is the only way the region can grow in harmony with its neighbors.

Development of sites and acquisition of new companies

In the face of ever scarcer resources and higher costs for raw materials and supplies, the ChemDelta Bavaria companies prefer to share fixed costs instead of just making simple cost-savings. This strategy then offers advantages for everyone when new companies, facilities and investments are added at existing sites.

Sustainable and efficient recruitment of young talent

Every company relies on highly qualified and motivated employees as the basis of its success. ChemDelta Bavaria’s member companies are therefore determined to counter the demographic trend and secure sufficient young talent for tomorrow’s corporate success by offering a first-class range of secure jobs – not only for people from the region.