Opportunities for a Professional Future

The chemical industry manufactures a diverse range of products from detergents and paints to plastics and raw materials for the computer industry. The chemical industry of course also produces drugs – generally highly complex chemistry in the shape of a tablet.

The chemical sector is Germany’s fourth largest industrial segment and sixth largest employer. Some half a million people are employed in this sector at the moment. Two of the world’s five largest chemical companies are German and on a global level, Germany has the fourth largest chemical industry after the US, China and Japan. Furthermore, many companies are globally active, which opens up the opportunity of working abroad.

Apart from academic studies, there are a variety of training routes available to those who wish to join this sector. State-of-the-art plants that produce demanding materials in highly complex process facilities have turned this region into one of Europe’s leading production sites.

Companies need employees that can operate these process facilities responsibly. At the moment, the region’s chemical companies employ some 20,000 staff, including around 1,000 trainees. In some cases, several generations of one family work at the local companies’ plants and facilities. The range of jobs involved is almost as diverse as the products produced by the region.

From chemical technicians and laboratory assistants to the chemical production workers and graduate chemists – not everyone here is a member of these traditional professions. Technicians such as industrial mechanics and engineers conduct plant maintenance; business administrators look after business activities; and further specialized services are provided by firefighters and safety personnel, amongst others.

The same applies to all positions at ChemDelta Bavaria member companies: the chemical industry is simply the most innovative industrial sector around. The solutions worked out here will make the future healthier, more environmentally sound and more comfortable. The sites’ regional advantages also generate interesting growth opportunities and potential for existing and new companies – with all the advantages for their motivated and highly qualified employees.