Welcome to ChemDelta Bavaria!

ChemDelta Bavaria – the Bavarian chemical triangle: 18 companies, around 20,000 employees, over €10 billion in annual sales and around €3 billion in planned investments in the last years.

ChemDelta Bavaria is a joint initiative by the companies in the Bavarian chemical triangle. Its aim is to secure and improve the economic region’s competitiveness – in harmony with the people and environment of South-East Bavaria.

ChemDelta Bavaria is the global chemical industry’s key region at the heart of Europe.

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Christian Kremser ist seit 20 Jahren Leiter der Burghauser Wacker-Werkkapelle

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Start der neuen in Trostberg ansässigen BASF Gruppengesellschaft

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BASF Construction Additives GmbH seit 1. Oktober am Standort im Chemiepark Trostberg tätig

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