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The ChemDelta Bavaria region offers investors of the chemical and chemical-related industries attractive site alternatives. Especially the opportunity of joining the integrated energy and material system creates an excellent synergy from which all involved can profit.

Locating at GENDORF Chemical Park

Hardly any chemical park in Germany has comparably large greenfield and expansion space even suited for larger relocations, while also being at a considerable distance to the next settlements - and all of this in the middle of one of Germany's most significant chemical regions - the Bavarian ChemDelta. Invest into a site that gives you enough room to expand – even for your future growth.

In addition to the already developed 197 hectare grounds of the chemical park, there are 50 hectares of expansion space available for relocations. The choice is yours: ranging from parcels of a few hundred square meters to contiguous space of five hectares or more.

And the best part: Site operator InfraServ Gendorf will advise you on the ideal integration with other companies and accompanies your investment project with professional permit management support.

The many years of close collaboration with municipalities and planning agencies in the region ensures fast-track decision-making and high planning certainty.

Do you also expect future growth? No problem: the GENDORF Chemical Park will grow with you. More information:

Contacts for questions relating to new settlements:

Dr. Thomas Wocadlo
Head of Sales

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