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About ChemDelta Bavaria

The “chemical triangle” in South-East Bavaria is at the center of the Bavarian chemical industry with an almost 100-year history. It is an important economic force in the high-tech state of Bavaria, and one of the most important chemical regions in Europe.

A joint private-sector initiative comprising the bulk of the region’s chemical companies and Bavarian chemical associations has the aim of promoting economic development in this region.

Name and Claim

Companies based within the Bavarian Chemical Triangle created the ChemDelta Bavaria initiative – learn more about its name and claim. More...

Mission Statement and Guiding Principles

ChemDelta Bavaria is an initiative by the region for the region. The mission statement and guiding principles serve as a roadmap. More ...


You can’t achieve your goals if you don’t know what they are. ChemDelta Bavaria’s goals are clearly defined. More ...


We pursue goals based on clear positions: for the region, for the companies and for the people of South-East Bavaria. More ...

Members and Organization

Positions must be upheld if they are to be realized. The main stakeholders are also the ChemDelta Bavaria community. More ...

Chemical Parks and Sites in Germany

As one of the most important regions for the chemical industry in Germany ChemDelta Bavaria cooperates closely with the German Sector Group of Chemical Parks and Sites within the Chemical Industry Association.

On its website the Group informs about the numerous advantages of Germany as a location for the chemical industry and the special German chemical-site concept.