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New Settlements - Using the Benefits of Integrated Production

The ChemDelta Bavaria companies have been collaborating over many years – they work together to optimize the economic region. Integrated production systems are a key factor for the manufacture of many million tons of chemical products that pass the site’s gates every year – and the upward trend is continuing.

The region offers huge future potential. And new companies, too, can benefit from these opportunities, thanks to the high investment in production plants, pipelines and site infrastructure, and the extensive, developed industrial areas in Aschau, Gendorf, Mühldorf, Töging, Trostberg and Waldkraiburg.


Today, ChemDelta Bavaria’s imaginary triangle is home to seven industrial sites – from the traditional chemical site through to industrial and chemical parks. Here you can find the sites where there is room for further settlement. More ...

Available Space

The ChemDelta Bavaria’s mature integrated energy, raw-material and production system provides all required services for successfully operating chemical plants as well as the necessary development space. More ...

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Here you can find a contact form to make it easier for you to make an initial, non-binding enquiry about locating here. More ...